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Medicines And Foods From The Wild


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Related Links

Here are some interesting links to try.

Shopping for stuff...

To buy medicinal plants seeds, dried herbs, and lots of other stuff.

Where do I find info on...

Native American Ethnobotany Database put together by Dan Moerman


Henriette's Herbal Homepage - All kinds of stuff, I got some pictures from this site for mine, Thank You

Things of the spirit...

Herbs in the Bible



Education is the key...

Micheal Moores Southwest School of Botanical Medicine. Lots of info on plants here too! A wonderful resource!

Micheal Tierra's site, online courses and lots of other info.

Go see the plants, and smell the roses along the way...

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

The New York Botanical Garden

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Missouri Botanical Garden

Closer to my home, Cornell Plantations

Various other Links.

Audubon Online Field Guides

Green Landscaping with Native Plants

OSU Online Plant Dictionary

The Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book